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Welcome to the Future — This is Stars Aligned Press

I Thought the Future Would Be Cooler

Over the course of the last year, I burned my old life to the ground. I came to Portland to lay my old life to rest and to be reborn from the ashes. When I first arrived in Portland, the day after Valentine’s Day in 2023, this isn’t exactly what I had in mind. After diving deep within and also zooming out to see the bigger picture, I am able to see how my stars have aligned – hence the birth of Stars Aligned Press.

Printing Press + Local Journalism

Stars Aligned Press brings together my passions and acts as the container for all of the skills I’ve developed in this lifetime. I am a lifelong music lover, stargazer and writer. I have a Bachelor’s degree in Journalism with a focus in Electronic Media. The early years of my career were spent as the Calendar Editor of an alternative weekly paper. That molded me and showed me the importance of community. If you want to know what’s happening in every corner of your town – work in a newsroom.

Digital Publishing + WordPress Websites

From the printing press, I moved next to the digital press — WordPress website design. Web design was the natural next step for me, as I taught myself HTML and started building my first websites on Angelfire when I was 12, back in the late ‘90s. Copywriting and blogging came along with the jump to digital, which has always kept me writing. In my agency days, I wrote 96 blogs about pond liners in one year – I can write about anything. From your band to your cleaning products business, whatever it is, I’ve got the words.

Printmaking + Block Press

When I moved to Portland in 2019, and finally had free time, I took an art class. I looked down the list and block printing was the only thing that piqued my interest. I have a massive concert poster collection and I wanted to learn how to print my own. I did learn how to screenprint, but block printing is what was meant for me. In 2023, I started printing my own tarot card deck and in my research I learned that some of the earliest decks were printed by Italian wood block printers — sounds kind of like me. 😉 Block printing in full color has brought me so much joy and healing — when I talk about how much I love it, I’m usually brought to tears.

Like Puzzle Pieces From the Clay

Through my many lives, I have always wanted to use the skills I’ve acquired to help other women, and gender-nonconforming people. Stars Aligned Press brings together all of my pressing skills to create an arts and culture magazine to amplify the stories of this growing community. As a music journalist, I did my best to uplift the voices of women singers and musicians and now, it’s on my terms.

Throughout my personal and professional lives, it always hurts to find women who don’t actually support other women. We are all connected and need to work together to lift each other up. I’ve worked with women who other people say, “is a badass business woman.” But rising to the top because you approach business from the patriarchal lens and step on other women as you climb — that’s not impressive, it’s oppressive.

After spending the last year vending my art at every street fair I could find in Portland, I met so many interesting people. I have always been a sap for someone’s story, which makes sense as a writer of human emotions. I am going to use my skills, both print and digital, to tell the stories of women and queer people like myself. After years in isolation, we have to recognize our collective power, how we are stronger together; we have to focus on our similarities instead of the many divisions artificially created between us.

I Can Do It Better, Baby

The other day, I walked by someone talking on their phone and I heard them say, “I’m trying to do my best, better.” And I really liked that. It related to a phrase I’ve been singing in my head and out loud for the past six — “I can do it better, baby,” to the tune of “Flower” by Miley Cyrus.

I read in the book my dad left behind for me, The Ancestry of Anne Marie Pick, that he started his love of genealogy because he saw someone in my mom’s family do it and he knew he could do it better. Between Miley knowing how to love herself better and my dad confidently knowing he could do it better — I know that with love, “I can do it better, baby!”

Think about all of the women’s magazines we’ve grown up with. I had a subscription to Rolling Stone for more than 20 years, but it’s a fact that women aren’t near equal representation in the music industry (or anywhere?). It’s time for a new music, arts, and culture magazine. Something that represents us authentically. That represents us better.

Music, Film, Food + Art Events

I also plan on throwing events in local communities to gather people based on the things we love – foster relationships unrelated to our jobs or schools. The real stuff – music, film, food, art, spirituality, all of the things that make us happy, all of the things that make us feel something. Obviously, when the next iteration of The L Word debuts, we’ll be throwing watch parties – sapphics will find their people here. But not just sapphics, I want to create spaces for everyone with these common interests and passions to feel included. Everything rooted in love.

The Future is Bright

The first day of my senior year of college, my journalism professor asked us to say what we wanted to do with our degrees after graduation. There were many “Sportscaster!”, “Foreign Correspondent!” type of answers. When she got to me, I said, “I just want to be doing something that makes me happy.” And I still feel that way. I know that Stars Aligned Press, and the community we’re going to build together is going to make me very happy, and hopefully a lot of others, too.

Welcome to the Future — This is Stars Aligned Press.

  • Karis Bohn
    Posted at 01:32h, 05 May Reply

    So proud of you, friend!

    • Anne Pick
      Posted at 01:38h, 05 May Reply

      Thank you for your friendship, support and inspiring me to help other girls like us. Can’t wait to launch your new website! 🙂

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