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Amplifying the voices of women and gender nonconforming artists, bands and chefs.

Anne Pick

The Publisher

Stars Aligned Press brings together the separate, but related, printing and publishing skills of publisher Anne Pick. Anne graduated as Salutatorian from La Pine High School in 2004. She went on to earn her Bachelor of Arts in Journalism, with a focus in Electronic Media from the University of Oregon’s School of Journalism and Communications, as well as a certificate in Film Studies.

From Journalism to the WEb

After graduating in tumultuous 2008, Anne split her time between her high school job slinging pizza at Blondie’s Pizza in Sunriver, Oregon, and as the Calendar Editor at The Source Weekly in Bend, Oregon. Anne eventually went on to build websites at G5, but always kept freelance writing about music and film — her first and truest loves.

Anne’s journey led her next to Savy Agency, where she refined her skills as a prolific blog writer and SEO copywriter. In one year, Anne wrote 96 blogs for one client, four blogs a month about pond liners — she can write about anything. But the technical and aesthetic challenges of web design still beckoned, so she became her own digital marketing agency and started New Colony Digital.

Space Fox and the Streets

Over the years, Anne has built websites for a variety of small businesses and entrepreneurs. After moving to Portland in 2019, Anne learned printmaking and became her own small business. Anne spent the last four years slinging art on the streets and defining and redefining her own brand.

When Anne made the switch from an editorial job at a newspaper to a corporate startup in 2011, she spoke to her manager at the time about how focusing on monetary milestones was difficult for her as a writer and artist. That never changed. It’s always been a struggle because capitalism and the patriarchy have conditioned us to believe this is how you define success, this is how you make yourself better — me, me, me, money, money, money. But how does that help the collective?


Anne knows her worth and knows that the best leaders are the ones who lift up and create more leaders. Anne created Stars Aligned Press to use her skills and creative vision to help others tell their stories — something she’s always done, but this time she’s the publisher.

Stars Aligned Press Magazine gives voice to these communities, but is for everyone. A magazine for music, film, art and food lovers, where we can discuss our shared passions, as well as healing, astrology, and community building. Revolution through the printing press — a tale as old as time.

The final piece — to throw rad events based on sharing our passions, connected to the magazine. Vinyl record trading nights, concerts, festivals, sapphic TV watch parties, outdoor movie nights, markets, poetry nights, special food pop-ups; if you want it, let’s do it. Think of what we can do together when our stars align.

Anne Pick headshot 2024
Pick's Picks
Rooted in Love reduction print by Anne Pick


Stars Aligned Press is Rooted in Love. We are all connected, knowing that no one is free until we are all free. Stars Aligned Press is anti-zionist and we demand a free Palestine and an end to oppression everywhere. Stars Aligned Press is a feminist-, lesbian-, artist-, musician-, socialist-, woman-owned company based in Oregon.

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